A Personal Problem...

Just a disclaimer, yes we all know that I am a very white girl... I don't ever get tan and I never will so just deal with it... (PS, I'm married to a mexican so my kids have a shot at color)

It was about a week before Christmas and I started to notice a tender spot on my leg, on the inside part of my knee... a couple days later it turned into this...

Now, I'm not one to be a wanny about injuries, OK maybe I am but that is a pretty big bruise... the thing is, I have no idea how I got it. I think I would remember getting hit hard enough to make that big sucker. It is extra wierd because its on the inside of my knee and not really a place you can bump into stuff... but whatever, it went a away a week later.

So, about a week after that guy way gone, I was shaving my legs, and low and behold I see this...

Ummmm. why are you a GINORMOS bruise on my leg three inches below where I had a GINORMOS bruise just two weeks ago? Again, I live a pretty calm life, I dont cage fight or play football, I WOULD REMEMBER GETTING AN INJURY LIKE THIS!

Where did I get this stuff? Im a little freaked out... mostly because this morning I noticed ANOTHER one coming in, just two inches to the right of where that second bruise was. Sp its all around my knee area farther and farther over every time...Either I am sleep walking and beating myself up, or there is a medical explanation for this...



  1. thats just crazy. really really crazy actually. If it makes you feel any better I am on week three of the tip of my thumb being numb. good luck with your mobile bruise

  2. get that checked asap!! hello it could be an organ malfunctions like a liver spot or something or like a blood problem

  3. the squirrels are coming to get you in your sleep ha ha