Who would like to donate a hot tub please?

I have been in the market for some new work out routines. I LOVE LOVE my turbo jam which I try to do at least 3 times a week, but I heard if you mix up your work outs you will see better results. I wanted to do something different then turbo jam for the other two work out days. I found ON Demand some good work outs ( I really liked, Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars, Disco Abs... so fun!)

Well, we were watching Biggest Loser the other night so the next morning I saw Jillian Michaels work out. It is different from her 30 day shred which I have done before and liked. She has one called trouble zones, which I thought, "Oh I need to work on that, how bad could it be?"

Let me just say, Jillian Michaels wants to kill me!! It is like a circuit training type thing where you do three different circuits of 5 moves each being like 10 minutes with a warm up then cool down. The work out its self wasnt impossible to do, but lets just say that it is a COMPLETE work out... cardio, strength, abs... After I finished it I was feeling pretty good about myself.

This morning when I woke up, I thought I had died... I couldnt even move! Muscles I never even knew I had hurt SO bad! Every inch of my body is in pain and kills when I try to move... I didnt think I was that out of shape, but apparantly I have a lot more "trouble zones" then I imagined.

Call me crazy but Im itching to do it again just because it feels like Im gonna get some good results if I stick to it... I will dread every minute of that 40 min. workout, but if I get through it like twice a week, you might just see my body lookin a little more like Jillians!

Now, who has a hot tub I can crash in?

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  1. i know how you feel! i did a turbo kickboxing class at the gym last week and two days later i could not move my back without serious pain. aaron could hear my whimpering and yelps of pain at night when i would try to turn over. but, i'm going back this week!