And It Begins...

So on Monday, my dad called and said, "We need you in St. George, do you want to come tonight or tomorrow?" Needless to say, I freaked out a little...Thought about it a lot... cried... then decided to take the plunge.

I have been working for my dad for the last couple of months. He (and A LOT of my family members) are working on starting up an online training company. Melissa and I have been working from Washington as part of the instructional design team (basically building training for different companies). The company is taking off and with that, they are starting to need more people doing more things.

They brought me down to St George for a two week trial, an audition of sorts, to be one of the marketing specialists. Basically I will be doing live training lessons, over the internet, teaching people how to start an online business. Since I already know the curriculum it will be fairly easy to get trained and get started.

Things are looking good, and more than likely Richard and I will end up down here permanently! I swore to myself that I would never in my life, live in Utah, but St George doesn't count... its down at the bottom, closer to Vegas!

So, we are excited for a new start and another challenge in life... I'm just happy cause St. George is way warmer and more sunny than Washington!!


  1. My sister and brother in law and their family live in St. George and we visit them sometimes on our way to California! maybe we could come visit you sometime.... :)

  2. I love that you are somewhat closer to me now :) But now you need to get the washington gang thata way too :)

  3. you should drive....through Boise and see me!

  4. Im so excited you will be close! We can always hang out and go to the gym together! Yay