A whirlwind of a weekend for us... I flew up to Washington on Wed. to spend some time with my mommy and sisters before the madness started. It was so great! We spent some time at Ikea, the ate dinner at Olive Garden.. yummy.

On Thurs. Richard flew in from San Diego. We went straight from the airport to the car dealership. Richard found this Explorer, which we LOVE! We got such a great deal on it and drove him right off the lot. We had some debate on what his name was going to be. I wanted Diego, he wanted Billy Bob... Richard won in the end, so here is Billy Bob with us...

We got everything packed up and left early Saturday morning. We drove through the mountains straight from Bonney Lake to Rexburg! We got into Rexburg in the middle of the night. Nikki and Nelson waited up for us and had a little bed ready when we got there. We LOVED LOVED spending time with them, even if it was just for a quick second.
We woke up early on Sunday and took a quick tour of Rexburg. I was amazed at how much Rexburg has changed in the four years since Ive been there. I do not miss the snow AT ALL... and I feel for all of you that live there...
We had to leave Rexburg in a hurry so that we could get down to Salt Lake in time for the Super Bowl. We checked into the hotel and enjoyed watching the SAINTS win!!!!
We took a quick tour of Temple Square that night... it was really cold! Richard really enjoyed seeing everything for the first time, and we hope to go back up for General Conference this April.
By Monday morning, we were sick of driving and were in a hurry to make the last leg of the journey. We were even more ready to get rid of the stupid UHAUL attached to Billy Bob... driving with that guy through the mountains was a pain!!

So here we are finally in St. George. Our new home sweet home... Richard is looking for a job, so if you know of anything, let us know. We are excited to be here... and I look forward to posting pics of our new apartment once its all cute and decorated!

If you're driving through, stop by and see us! We have a guest room!

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  1. Glad you are alive......now come back :(

    hurry and get me some pics of your new place I need to know where you live...it's a mom thing