We were so happy to be able to have such a great holiday season. We started out the week with a Christmas party at my mom in bonney lake with tacos and Christmas jingo! So fun, I am lovin that new tradition. Then we took off to St. George to spend the rest of the week with dad and at his sisters house.
Me and Dadbo
Lucy was no doubt the highlight of the week, Cute reindeer outfit!

All the Conner Kids minus Richard.

For one of dad's presents we made him old school cheesy t shirts with his favorite sayings on them. This one is his fav ( "I LOVE THAT!") with all of our hand prints.

We wrapped up the festivities with my cousin Bria doing spa treatments for us in her new spa room. I got my legs waxed and eyebrows dyed (check out her blog The Treatment Room) Thanks Bria! my legs are still so smooth.

The next week I got to go down to San Diego to spend New Years with Richard and some of his family. Oh how I miss that place! The weather was just perfect and I got to hang out with some old friends! (not that youre old Aimee, just a friend from that past...)

This was one of my favorite holiday seasons, I loved being with family and friends, and I loved that we didnt focus on presents (really at all) and just enjoyed each other... Perfect!

Now Im ready for 2010! I have a lot of resolutions up my sleeve with some big plans in the works... keep posted! Happy 2010 Everyone!

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  1. Kimmie - I have never commented on your blog but I stalk it all the time. I love keeping up on your life...and the best part is how mysterious you keep everything! I always leave your blog with like a hundred questions in my head. First of all - Where is Richard???