Another New Year...

I somehow just realized that I started out the new year without making any goals... shame on me... so here we go.

The whirlwind of 2009:

- Moved from Dad's house to Mom's house to Our apartment in Kent back to Mom's house

- Richard spent too much time at the Dr's office and hospital

- Worked front desk at Benson Vision Source

- Quit in September to Start Sassy Pose and start working for my dad

- Lost 10 lbs! Not in the whole year but from Oct-Dec.

- Finally got a Blackberry which I love!

- Hung out with my family more than I ever have since high school!

- Became an aunt for the first time

- Spent too much time without my honey (we were apart probably 4 or 5 months out of the year, yuck!)

- Cut 18 inches off my hair! big step for me...

- Read a ton of books including the Twilight series again

2009 was not about fun but more about life getting in the way of real living. So...

2010 is a year of Changes... I am excited for this year because I spent a lot of 2009 figuring out who I am and what is important to me, not only that but learning a lot about my husband and how to be the wife that he needs. We were fortunate to go through some pretty big trials because now we know ourselves and each other better than we knew we could.

Now we are in such a better position to move forward with our lives and we had a chance to weed out all the unnecessary things. I feel like we are more focused and driven to build on the foundation that we discovered during our first year of marriage.

That being said, here are the goals for 2010!

- Step one- get our own place again! We love the opportunity to live with family and save money on rent, but we are MORE than ready to be just us again, plus I want to decorate!

- Get out of debt! Get rid of those college loans and stupid credit cards, focus on saving for the future.

- Start a family... who knows what that means, we might get a dog, we might make a baby...

- Get up to date on scrapbooks... I want to go digital from here on out and be done with our boxes and boxes of printed pictures.

- Find a hobby as a couple, I want to take ballroom dance but Richard has informed me that will NEVER happen! He was thinking along the lines of boxing... we are going to have to find something in the middle

- Eat balanced meals... with all the food groups... its harder than it sounds!
- Take some vacations! Richards sister is getting married in Tennessee and family reunions this summer...plus visits to San Diego... We are going to take advantage of those opportunities.

- Move some place warmer, we are actually in the process of deciding where to go. Good bye Washington state, hello... somewhere? Any ideas?

Our goal for 2010 is to enjoy life and enjoy each other.
For 2010 already...
- I sold my car ;( were on the search for a better quality, more familyish car

- Got callings! Richard and I were called to team teach Sunday School for 17-18 year olds... needless to say, I will be the one teaching, but its a nice thought.... maybe one day

Here's to a new year and a new start!
Who has a prediction for the Hernandez's in 2010? I want to hear it...


  1. Those are great goals! Cheers to this year kicking last years ask!

  2. great goals! Wowza. You could come to Boise! Its not so cold:) as for my predictions...I say you get a van and fill it with twins :P