Literally... I dont think all my crap will fit into the Uhaul...

So it's my last week of work... wrapping up an entire program is quite an undertaking, there is A LOT to do, and A LOT of reports to write... not cool.

Oh, AND I'm moving in 4 days! Packing and cleaning and purging and going insane, thats pretty much my life right now.

Real food has not been seen in a while cause Im not trying to shop so its onto cooking everything already in the pantry, but I already packed most of the dishes so it's getting pretty creative.

I'm throwing everything away, and what ever is left is squeezing into a 6x12 Uhaul... and my car... haha, in my dreams! Luckily I have my mom and Richards brothers to do all the moving and squeezing for me... other wise I might loose my cool at any second.

Im combustable... dont mess... Mom, are you here yet?


  1. I'm not sure how i feel about the word purging... it's called flowering(: but good luck with the move! Love ya!! KKHH

  2. and there was literally no food I mean only chocolate....on second thought that wasn't so bad.....