Hair Cut

Kobe is a Yorkie... and Yorkies dont shed, horray!
But his hair does grow, and fast! He got a hair cut like 3 months ago and he is lookin scruffy!

So... time for a hair cut!

Here is the BEFORE pic

and the AFTER! You can tell he feels all clean and fresh! I have them cut him really short so that I dont have to pay $45 every month to cut him, that adds up!

On a funny note... I got Kobe a cow costume for Halloween and I tried it on him...

Funniest moment of my life! I cant stop laughing when I look at this picture... he is SO TICKED! He would not move at all or put his head up... he sat like that until I took it off... BWAHHHAHAHAHAH!

He hates it, but he is still going to wear it on Halloween... I think its adorable...

Just look at the picture above it, and how happy and normal he is... then scroll down and look at the cow pic... ahahahahahaha! I cant help it!

Do you dress your pets up for Halloween?

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