Movin On

Those of you that read my blog often already know that something always happens in my life, right around every year...
its that time... time to relocate...

Since I graduated college in 2006 I have moved-

Rexburg- Sparks Nevada
Sparks- El Cajon California
El Cajon- La Mesa California
La Mesa- City of San Diego
San Diego- Sumner Washington
Sumner- Bonney Lake Washington
Bonney Lake- Kent Washington
Kent- back to Bonney Lake
Bonney Lake- Saint George Utah
Saint George- hotel in San Diego (for 3 weeks)
Hotel- 1st Apt. in San Diego
1st apt.- Current La Mesa apartment
La Mesa- Gilbert Arizona

This will be my 13th move in 5 years.
Not to mention 7 moves while I was in Rexburg
and at least 9 moves in my life before that.

NO, I DO NOT LIKE MOVING! I hate it, its stressful...
Every moved that I have made is for a reason, as is this current move from California to Arizona.

Who knows... maybe this move will stick?
Baby nieces... mom... sisters... I'M COMING!

(P.S.- if you live in Arizona, close to Gilbert, let me know and we can be friends again! I didnt even realize how many people I know in the area... Im excited!)

My family (ahem... my dad) does tend to move a lot,
it's semi normal in my life

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