Fellin the Groove

It's a rainy yucky day today which actually fits my mood perfectly... I took Kobe to the dog beach and let him run around in the rain and get completely soaked and yuckied up... he loved it and I loved it

These songs are making me cry right now...you know when you just need a good cry and an entire bowl of cookie dough? I just love the songs... listen and LOVE!

Taylor Swift- Breathe

Sara Barellis- Gravity

Someone like you cover- Charlie Puth and Emily Luther
(my friend posted this cover on Facebook and I fell in LOVE- they were on Ellen today and just got signed to her label! Im buying their CD)

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  1. luv your new blog format...I love these songs but I hate to think of you crying....when I was in your shoes I had a hard time with country western songs