Am I Too Late?

SO.................. I may or may not have been taking a sabbatical from life for the last week or so... oh well, I had a BIG life change and I deserve some time off... 
With that being said, I moved to Arizona! Arrived Saturday night, unloaded and unpacked Sunday, picked up my sistie and BIL (brother in law) from the airport... and got right to work!
We decided to throw a Halloween slash birthday bash for our Mummy on Monday night. Mel and I do nothing half way. This party was a themey amazingly spooky event. It was A LOT of work, but absotutalootly worth it.

The food (thank you Pinterest!)

Seven layer dip delicious GRAVEYARD

Pumpkin face veggie tray

Puking pumpkin guacamole

Mummy dogs 

Spider webbed Pumpkin pie and puddin dirt cups

Not to mention Mom's homemade chili!

Complete with Witches brew punch!


We had SO much fun... and AMAZING prizes for the Grandchampion

And Halloween is not complete without a costume contest:

The Bat Family... Hooshie

Chris, Melissa and Hooshie

Mom and Scott

Inmate and Pilot

The Lotts- Christie, Daniel, Lydia and Lucy

Katniss, Honest Abe, Lady Bug, Snow White

Me and Kobe

A cow and a Cowgirl

The group!

What a fun night! Happy Birthday Mummy!

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  1. amazing party - you look terrific! may your move be the beginning of awesome things for you. :)