I've been 'burning the midnight oil' at work a lot lately...
I absolutely hate gettin off work late and then having to go home to make dinner.
Don't get me wrong, the boys would make dinner but they need a lot of direction. Chris {18 yr. old brother in law livin with us} has decided that he wants to be a master chef, so he has been insisting on making dinner {which I LOVE!}

He decided that he wanted to make Fettuccini Alfredo, but did not know how.
I found an easy recipe and walked him through it...

Basically, cook your fettuccinin noodles {a whole box for us}
Season chicken with 1/2 italian dressing and garlic salt {3 breasts}
Add 1.5 cups chopped broccoli {fresh or frozen} to the noodles the last 5 minutes
Get a jar of Alfredo sauce {we got Ragu}
Add chicken to the sauce and 1/4 cup Italian seasoning.
Heat in sauce pan, then pour sauce over drained noodles...


So proud of my little Betty Crocker!

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