Isn't It Ironic?

Everyone knows that the MAIN reason that people come to San Diego is for the beautiful weather and the beach... Sure enough, my mom left DISGUSTING, DRIZZLY, SLEETING, COLD, YUCKY Washington to come get some Vitamin D...

Of course the Kimmie Curse couldnt take a day off... the DAY AFTER she got here... rain and clouds of death... not only that but flash flood watch... YUCK!
I swear the day before she came was 80 degrees and sunny... remember my beach post just last week?

Heneyway- We decided to pretend like it was sunny and work on making over my stupid patio.
We looked around Ikea and Pier 1 for some ideas... I would LOVE to just spend $500 and get some cool patio furniture from Pier 1 with super cute personal touches... but alas not this year...

I hate this patio because #1 there is no privacy... this ginormous window allows every passerby to see ALL THE WAY into my bedroom... basically every inch of the house in full detail. #2 kids are literally running through my patio at all hours of the day, ryling Kobe up
{he likes to run with the kids from the inside of the window, its so sad to see him sitting there wishing he could be outside}

Our solution- put some plants out there to block their way...
We got these clay pots at the DOLLAR STORE! Hello! $1...
Of course, no craft is complete without some AlliOriginal custom art work... SO CUTE!

Richard's brother gave us this amazing grill... now I am SO excited to grill up some happiness
{AND make the kids run around the patio instead of through it, its super annoying}

Now all we need are a tiny table and some bright chairs and we are ready for summer!

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  1. Adorbo i loves! When we come we can grill up Chris' pineapple chicken. so delish!