One of my favorite things...

We LOVE LOVE the beach
 and an amazing thing is that San Diego has a  DOG BEACH!
 {aka Heaven for Kobe}

One amazingly beautiful day in FEBRUARY in San Diego (it was probably 78 degrees!) we decided to drive down to the beach and check it out

Kobe was a little hesitant about the sand at first... but once he got going... oh love of life!

Kobe is still a puppy {only 8 months} AND he has big man syndrome... he thinks he is a huge dog and is NOT afraid of any other dogs... if we let him off the leash he would take off and jump into the ocean with the other Great Danes and Rotweillers...

 He LOVED the water, he LOVED the other dogs... I'd say it was pretty much his most favorite day of his life... even though I had to save his life a couple of times when he tried to play with the big dogs...

PS, I am never wearing that dress again... I look 50 lbs heavier or pregnant...AND pardon my whiteness...

AND I had to put this picture on here... this is the BEFORE shot when Richard decided it would be fun to jump off some rocks and fracture his foot... but he is the KING OF THE WORLD!

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