Day of Birth Celebration

I'm sure that I have mentioned before that my husby does NOT like to celebrate, well, anything really. Holiday's, birthdays, saturdays... nothing.
I cannot just let the day of his birth just slide by unnoticed... even though Im sure he would {I think he doesnt like to be the center of attention}

This year, momma was in town AND it was president's day so I didn't have to work... perfect combination if you ask me!

We were planning on going to the beach that day... and PRAYING that the weather would cooperate with us... and YES IT DID!! So dog beach it was...

Richard didnt go, so Chris was our escort for the day... on doggie duty

It was a tiny bit chilly, but we lived it up and loved it! We even got brave and let Kobe off his leash... that boy was in LOVE!
He pretty much collapsed once we got home, he had SO much fun!

That night we had some BBQ- on our newly redone patio-
I have promised Richard a LCD TV once we get our check in the mail...but new clothes are always fun too!

Of course husbie doesnt take pictures either, but we sure are cute!
 guy is getting up there...HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY HUBS!

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