I Couldn't Be Happier... unless I won the Lottery...

My mudder is here visiting for an ENTIRE week... and its a little slice of heaven.
I love that there are no big events and really nothing to do... we can just do what we want.
My favorite part is just having her there all to myself to just talk to.
We have been relaxing in the hot tub, window shopping at Ikea, Thrift shopping {yuck, dont thrift shop in the ghetto}
Mom's been teaching Christoph how to play cards

AND... we have been doing some crafties of LOVE!

I just happened to get a $100 gift card in the mail at the exact right time, and while I should have used it for you know bills and food, I decided to use it for purely selfish purposes.
I have been dying to redo my room for a while. It just didn't feel right. I think a bed room should be a retreat, a place you can go to relax and clear your head. My room was too busy and juvenile looking...
Enter Mother to solve the problems at hand... 

First step, AMAZING bed linens.
So we headed to... where else but IKEA!

I got a beautiful duvet cover and pillow cases for $39.99
Sheets and pillow cases for $22.99

Step 2: Cool Rug  for $19.99 and Candles $9.99

Step 3: home make an AWESOME head board
{my mom made a similar one for my sister... check it out here...}

Head board fabric $18
HELLO... what a steal! Thats why I LOVE IKEA!

We still have a couple of key items to purchase, but so far I LOVE it!

AND... Mema is LOVIN her some Kobe time!
He is in heaven and just follows here everywhere... she might just try to take him home with her

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