This week... It's March!

This week:

I love when there is something to look forward to... since my life is pretty uneventful most of the time. Let's be honest and say that I have no plans this week other than grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, temple Tuesday, and....

Melissa's friend from high school, Alyson is coming to visit this weekend! I'm so excited.

Song of the week:

Recipe of the week:

French dip lovelies! Seriously the easiest, yummiest thing ever. (thank you Pinterest!)

2 cans of crescent rolls (in the cold section by the butter and eggs)
1 package of roast beef lunch meat
white cheese (I used mozzarella)
au jus dip packet (by the taco seasoning)

- Preheat to 375-
- lay out your crescent rolls flat, sprinkle with some Italian seasoning.
- squish one piece of roast beef onto the fat part of the crescent rolls, sprinkle some cheese on there
- roll up the crescent and place on baking sheet
- cook for 11-13 minutes or until tops are golden brown
- cook au jus mix according to package

Seriously delish and SUPER EASY! 
Let me know how you like them... maybe just leave a comment to say hi... whatever

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