Phone Photo Friday!

There is this blog that I LOVE... it's hilarious... called Leather and Lace.
She does this post called "What's on L's phone?"
Let's be honest and say that most hilarious moments are captured via our cell phones these days, so why not?

Phone Photo Friday!

Seriously... Justin Biebs is taking over the world. Guaranteed he has no idea that he's branded singing toothbrushes... If it was 10 years ago, and this was Justin Timberlake, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

I am dying to decorate my living room in these colors! Now, if I could just get a living room to decorate...

Most hilarious thing ever! We're searching for Lucy and find her passed out in the room like this... hahahahahahaha!!! Black mail for life!

Kobe sleeps like this every night. How uncomfortable is his head right now? It may be time for a bigger bed?

I love my nephew pup Hooshie... and I love that he looks like a sheep dog here, does he even have eyes?

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