An awkward moment

So, I'm just sitting in the sketchy nail salon getting my manicure. The Asian dude is talking to me about how he pays $1100 a month for day care. I cant understand half of what he is saying, I'm just nodding every once in a while. He tells me that I a need to be married and have kids by now and I'm too pretty to work {which I agree by the way} Then he forces me to put sparkles on my nails, which I told him no three times... so I'm annoyed at this point.
So he tells me to put my fingers in the dryer thing and he comes around behind me, moves my hair, and starts rubbing my neck.... oh holy... what are you supposed to do? I hate being touched, or massaged... not to mention its an old creepy Asian dude! Get off me! He then proceeds to get some lotion and continue to rub my neck and shoulders {inside my shirt... yuck!} I cringed with my eyes closed and tried to ignore it... worst 5 minutes of my life!
All the sudden he stops and walks over to Melissa and does the same thing... hahahahaha! Who gets a manicure slash neck massage? 
Needless to say, I will not be returning to that salon.

1 comment:

  1. Kimmie you are too funny! First you are too pretty to work but also.... I would have stopped that man so fast that he didnt know what hit him. Lol you are a nicer person than me though because he might have literally gotten hit if he tried touching me!