Bestest Besties

The last couple of weeks in San Diego were pretty lonely for Kobe. I would take him to work with me every day {at a middle school, he stayed in my office no big deal} but one day he broke free and ran all over campus terrorizing the Somali children {apparently in their culture dogs are demonic animals and they are not allowed to touch them... who knew} the rest of the kids thought he was great... the teachers did not... 
So I had to leave him home alone all day every day for a couple of weeks. Poor boy. By the time I got home from work I had SOOO much to do {packing and such} the poor pup didn't get much attention.

But all of that changed when we got to Arizona. 
My sister Melissa has a puppy named Hooshie who is Kobe's bestest friend/cousin. They are in LOVE with each other. 

Every time they are around each other they play and wrestle and love non stop. 

Now that they are together 24/7, you'd think that they would settle down... NOT A CHANCE! They wrestle and play and chase each other around ALL DAY LONG... 
I love it. They couldn't be happier. 
Oh those pups...

{am I a crazy dog lady yet?}

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  1. you've been a crazy dog lady for a while now. stop your denial. i love them.