You Know What Im Talkin' About!

You know those days when you just need a chocolate fix?

Don't lie, we all have them...
Well today just happened to be one of those days. It's a doozey... stress and sickness and pain...

I took a trip to Target right in the middle of my work day specifically to satisfy this craving. I couldnt decide between peanut m&m's and peanut butter m&m's... its a real dilema!

I was just going to get both but I didnt want to use my card for like $1.50 and I only had .97 cents in change. I finally decided on peanut, I couldnt really commit to eating a whole bag of peanut butter ...

The whole way walking to my car I was regretting my choice, this craving was the real deal and peanut butter sounded SOOOO good.

Whatever, Ill just make do with the yellow bag. I tore into that package and dumped a few in my hands and WHAT DID I BEHOLD?


Peanut Butter m&m's! Like 5 of those guys just mixed right into my regular peanut delicacys... AMAZING! fixed my craving right up and I got the best of both worlds.

Sometimes its the little things that can just make your day.
Thank you to the M&M factory workers that may have accidentally bumped into the conveyor belt dumping those 5 guys right into my bag... you never know who's life youre going to impact!

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