Did I mention that I have three FAVORITE people in the world?
{maybe more like 7, but for the sake of the story...}
They just happen to be in this pic here 

My Mudder and two ador-ah-blay nieces Ludy and Lydie

I may have just happened to drive to Arizona again...
Who can resist those precious faces just waiting to be squozen silly?

Whelp... Kailey and Brecken needed a ride to Arizona and I was happy to ablige... AND it just happened to be the very same weekend that my newest love was being blessed... Lydia Lott {Diddy baby}

How precious?! Just three weeks old...

Myself and de bebe at the blessing

left to right- {stepie} Esther, Moi!, Mombo, Diddy Baby, 
{older sistie} Cbo, Ludy tude, {younger sisties{ Kake and MelT

I am so thankful that I have been able to be there with the rest of my ZONIE family members for these special occasions... Did I mention that my mom moved to ARIZONA too? I feel so left out... POO!

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  1. I'm offended and i'll never get over it.