The best way to be lazy...

I have been craving reading lately... maybe cause its so gosh darn hot that I just want to lay around and do nothing but read. I posted on Facebook for some good book ideas... worked like a charm! I got several recommendations and promptly got online. Just send to sdcl.org, looked up the books and requested them from the library. The library then emails me when the books are ready to be picked up, couldnt be easier.

 I got this recommendation from my cousin Emily... well not actually but I read about it on her blog or Facebook or something.
The Maze Runner

Anyway, this was the first book I got from the library and I LOVE IT! I read the whole thing in 24 hours... I am a crazy fast reader...

Its about some kids that wake up in a metal box with no memory only to find themselves trapped in a maze. They have no idea what to do so they spend all day trying to figure a way out of the maze but it changes every night... sounds kinda strange... but I thought it was great!

As I was reading it, I told Christopher that they should make it into a movie. Low and behold when I was looking up a picture for this post, I saw that it is already in the works! I love it...

Get it, read it, love it! Then get the sequel... I requested it as soon as I was done with this one, just hope it gets here soon!

Next up I have The Ark.. .have you read it?
What books do you recommend for me?

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