I decided that my blog is boring
I was talking to my sis about her blog the other day... I LOVE her blog... she is such a great writer and all of her posts are super funny and interesting... mine is so blah...

SO, she suggested that I do a weekly installment. Just something to spice it up a little and not that my life is interesting or anything, but it will give me something to when I'm bored.


I have a lot of little 'tidbits' in my life that do not warrant an entire post
whether it be thoughts, a quick pic or anecdote... whatever.
Every Tuesday Im gonna give all my {9} lucky readers a little tidbit from my life that I wouldnt usually blog about... 4 sentences or less...

I hope you are just jumping for joy, this is going to change your life

Today's Tidbit:

This is Tito... my tomato plant.
I was at the grocery store where tomatoes were $2.99 a pound.
I decided to purchase a tomato plant for $3 instead... talk about self sufficiency!
I'm taking bets to see how long I can keep her alive

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  1. haha I love random facts about someone's life like that. STAMP OF APPROVAL!