don't eat the wreaths

If you could see me right now, you would notice that I am literally jumping out of my {office} chair. Im so excited that my fabulous sister agreed to do a guest post today!!!!!!!
I always talk about how much I love her and her blog {check it out, you will not be disappointed!}... so without further ado...

Hey curly Q's! I am guest posting!!! People call me Melissa and I am the loveable sistie of the terrific Kimmie H. A lot about me...ummm....I like brushing my teeth, playing imaginary closet where I put outfits together in my head, makeup, taking my husband and my pup on walks {just to the walgreens by our house to buy cookies & cream ice cream}, blogging and making wreaths.

Apparently I have an obsession with what you humans would call 'wreaths'. I make them out of candy for every holiday and I happen to name them based on the holiday we be celebratin.....for examp...

  Val-eath-tine's Day
And finally...Wreathster

There are no rules in the naming department. wreathster. Hahaha! I just finished this one today. I don't fancy it much. My worst one to look at but the BEST name.

So a number of people{the # is like 4. haha} have asked me to do a tutorial on these Cand-eaths {candy wreaths...see how that's done?} Truth is. I am not talented. These take no talent whatsoev! Easiest thing on this flat planet.
Do this: Pick up a Styrofoam wreath, colored duct tape and your sugary treat of choice. Wrap the wreath in duct tape. Hot glue the candy on...in line please. And tie a nice friendly ribbon around it! Two tips: 1. Michales has a huge selection of colored and even print duct tape. 2. don't use chocolate...it will melt all over your doorstep. 2 1/2. I just started spraying them with an acrylic spray to protect them from the weather! Done.
Thanks for reading Melisartha Stewayes. That's my name mixed with martha stewart if you couldn't tell ;)

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