A MUST Have!

If you  had to choose ONE item of makeup to put on your face and nothing else, what would it be?

See... I dont have a naturally beautiful face. Im one of those people that needs make up. I get a lot of compliments on my eyes {but only cause theyre green} AND because I take a lot of effort to accentuate them {tryin to take the attention off my awful skin and thin lips}

My ONE item would be eye liner N- M- dub {my family's saying for 'no matter what'} I love using different colors of eye liner... I prefer liquid cause it stays on all day and it doesnt fade throughout the day {like everything else does on my combination skin... Im telling you... awful!}

My choice is Cover Girl Exact Eye Lights eye liner {do I sound like one of the girls on American's Next Top Model?}

I love it because its so easy to apply. Liquid can be tricky, but this makes it easy. Well to be honest its a little pricey {maybe because I am the CHEAPEST person on the planet} but seriously its like $7.49 at Target

Things have been a little tight lately and I feel guilty for shelling out pretty much $8 for some eyeliner... seriously thats like not even 2 gallons of gas in California {$4.19 the cheapest... kill me now!}

Anyhew- I was wandering around Target, talking myself out of buying anything that I actually need cause Im thinking about the gas I need to get to work tomorrow... I stumble upon the makeup section called E.L.F {eye's lips face}
You know how they have the cheap makeup sections like NY and Mary Kate and Ashley... I usually only buy nail polish from those sections.

They had an eyeliner pen for $1 in black and coffee
I thought to myself "$1 is not bad, it will probably suck but its worth a try."

Im truly AMAZED by this stuff... and OBSESSED obviously.
It goes on so easily almost like a sharpie or something. The color is really dark cause its not like a liquid that can leave streaks in places. Plus it's waterproof so it stays on ALL DAY!

I went back and bought 3 more... so now I have 2 blacks and 2 coffees... Im totally ready for a natural disaster.

You cannot beat $1 and if you have a Target debit card {which you should have N-M- dub... it comes right out of your account like your own debit card... no charges or fees and you save 5% off everything you buy... even in the Target food court!} it's only .95 cents!

 I'm an advocate... maybe they should pay me to be such a fan...?!

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  1. I'm on my way...I am one of those people that needs make up too... And yes definately breed puppy...he could use the xercise.