Maxin Relaxin

Last week was a rough one... we had family members in the ICU, people staying with us, long work hours...Whew!
Luckily when the weekend came around we got to relax.
Two of husby's cousins had birthdays and they wanted to come down to SD (from Bakersfield) to celebrate with the family. Willy hosted the party at his place...

Cousins with their grandma

The cake...

Birthday boys... Diego and Phillip

Fun times with the family... after the party I went home and knocked out for a good 2 hour nap!
I love lazy weekends!

(PS- I am starting to notice how awful my camera is... husby's cell phone takes better pictures then my 5 year old digital camera... time for an upgrade!)

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  1. it is amazing how different families are...in Richards fam pic there is literally only one person smiling ha ha....our family would be modeling, posing and laughing it up .....glad you are surviving...mom