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My door needed a wreath for SPRING... I found this super amazing tutorial at one of my favorite blogs Little Birdie Secrets (click here for the tutorial)

I decided to take a shot at it. I made mine a much simpler version because I didn't have very much fabric... so mine is like a half recipe if you will

You will need:
a wreath form
a pillow case or fabric of your choice... not even a yards worth
glue gun
needle and thread

I wanted to make mine for my door, so I put it on a wreath form instead of making it flat like the picture above.

I got an old pillow case and tore 12 strips - 4 inches thick and about 2 feet long
Iron the strips in half

Take a strip and just zig zag stitch all the way to the end

Then just bunch it up 'til it looks good and glue gun it together real well
Do that for 6 of the strips

Then take a cereal bowl and outline six circles on the remaining fabric then cut those out

Now tie a knot at the end of one strip and start twisting it all the way down
Glue the knot in the middle of a circle...
then twist and glue all the way around the circle until you run out of room

Cut the remaining fabric from around your circle. 
Then all you do is place the finished flowers on the form and glue gun them down real well.

If you choose to do a more full wreath, do 12 of each flower instead, or just follow the tutorial to make 4 different kinds of flowers.

Finished product!
If you have any cute ideas for Easter or Spring wreaths let me know!

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