Book Worm

I got a library card! AANNDD I went a yittle CRAZY!
I'm not gonna lie, I got a little book happy when I finally took the time to treck over to the public library {a whole mile away}

I wasn't feeling good at all last week, so instead of doing anything productive in my life I decided to read. I asked around for some suggestions and these are the books I got... and read... within the two week time frame...
{pathetic I know... just glad I dont have any kids that I would have been neglecting}

Couldnt really get into the story... and it bugged me that it was written in his writing and he spelled everything wrong... Cool idea, but not my cup of tea


Cheesy Laurn Conrad should not be an author, but I liked it! A super easy read, I read it in like 3 hours... and there are 2 sequels that I have reserved as well... guilty pleasure

This book depressed me... I would like something a little more upbeat...

Wonderful! Another easy read, but a page turner... and I think they will make more... recommend!

I decided that I like reading more about upbeat, drama, or mystery type things. This book would make a good movie though... very interesting and makes me feel like I need to help the world.

6 Books in 10 days is a little crazy... but I read SUPER fast and once I start, its hard to get me to stop... totally my personality to just want to get things done already!

If you have any suggestions for next week let me know... I have a bunch of books I requested but haven't gotten yet. Im going to the library again tomorrow!


  1. You should read Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. Such a good book. Best book I have read this year. Definitely read it.

  2. I love your opinions of the book. Now I know what books to avoid. I just read "the help" and really liked it! When are we going to hang out?!?!?!