Melissa and I have been working out butts off over the last couple of week to get Sassy Pose all ready for our Spring Launch... We are super excited about the great stuff we found. I especially love these items:

Super cute Spring Stuff available..we are going to be having weekly specials...
SO, GO SHOP!! www.sassypose.com

Even if you dont want to buy anything, check out the site to see my baby sister, Kailey as our model... Im ticked that she looks so old and beautiful, but we are happy to have her as the face of Sassy Pose!

For those of you who believe "modest is hottest," you are going to love our SHADE clothing (its my absolute favorite!) You can order anything from the Shade Website from us for cheaper than you get it from them... check it out on our web site.... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Happy Spring!

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