As of Late

So, we don't ever celebrate Valentine's day. Even when we don't celebrate it's just an awful day every year. Ugh! But even when we don't celebrate, Dad always does! Dad brought us a heart shaped congo bar!! Yumm! I ate practically the whole thing myself.

Then it was Richard's birthday this week, we don't celebrate that either so... life has been uneventful. Dad did drop by Chili's chips and queso for the NON celebration of Richard's 26th. (we can always count on dad for a celebration!) Work is super busy and overwhelming. Richard is still looking for a job so just pray for that. Billy Bob is still being repaired so we have a rental car.

Other than that, life is St George isn't great yet, but at least that is something to look forward to.


  1. you always sound so upbeat and positive on your blog...good job!

  2. what would life be like without congo bars?.....still anxious to see some apartment pics..MOM

  3. It's great for me to have you here to celebrate! I'm SO glad you're here!