Really? Already?

Well, we have been in St George for a total of 5 days... it was obviously time for some stress to happen. If you know the last year I have been through, you know that my life is not complete without some drama... Here we go.

Last year Richard was in the hospital for about a week because he was having fainting spells. He would just pass out for no reason. They didnt really find any cause of it, but did say that there was a possibility of a minor blood clot traveling toward the brain...

Ok, so he hasnt been fainting for at least... 8 months... So I call him yesterday to bring me lunch at work. Our apartment is seriously a block away from my office. (im not lazy, I just couldnt get away to get lunch) Any way, it was taking him a while to get there so I called and he was like "you have to get down here, I hit a car!" Keep in mind, my last post was about buying our new car just last week. I get there and here is what I see....

Richard turned out of our apartment complex and passed out for like 5 seconds, when he woke up he had hit a parked car! Oh that other car was MESSED up! The whole wheel was stripped off the bolts and the axle was bent... Im surprised that our Ford messed up a Toyota like that. Billy Bob (0ur car) is still drivable, we need to get the alignment fixed, but luckily there was no damage to the engine or anything... Im so glad we got a GREAT car (even if everyone is hating on Fords)

That poor guy... he just came out of his apartment to find his car trashed... luckily he was super cool and not angry at all... which was good cause I was a wreck! Anyway, the ambulance took Richard away because of the fainting thing, but not until after the cop gave Richard a ticket for driving without a license.

At the hospital they said that his blood sugar is super low and they think he might be diabetic... AHHHH!!! So we have been in St George 5 days and have already wrecked the car, been to the hospital, and have to pay a traffic ticket....

I am so excited to see what else this Utah life has in store for us...


  1. oh man. here is hoping its only up from here.

  2. oh honey. it just has to get better. at least richard wasn't on the freeway when he passed out, right? i'll be praying for you guys!!!