One Little Light in the Darkness

How will you be remembered?
If you died, what would people say about you?
Have you made an impact on the world?

My sweet cousin JaKelle went home to her Father in Heaven this week. JaKelle spent several months in the hospital battling for her life. I truly believe that those long 12 weeks in the hospital were part of her mission here on the earth. During that time, JaKelle brought together so many people, families, and communities. People had the opportunity to fast and pray and do service. For me, that time built my testimony of the atonement, of prayer, of the plan of salvation. My faith was strengthened tremendously.
Just to think that one small girl, one sweet spirit, had that impact on me... but also thousands of others!

If I died today, that would not be the case... not even a little. 
At her funeral service, I realized that this 17 year old girl was an amazing example. Every memory and thought was full of light and joy and happiness. JaKelle is a light to this world. She left behind no negative memories or feelings. She left an impact on the world. There were hundreds of people at her service, from all walks of life, and all faiths, sharing similar stories of the impact JaKelle made during her 17 short years on this earth. 
What an experience!
After the service, we each tied a message to JaKelle on a yellow balloon. My message was this:
"Thank you JaKelle for being such an amazing example to me and so many others. Your life has inspired me to stay strong, and be more positive and grateful for everything in this life. May your spirit continue to bless those of us you left behind."

I know that JaKelle returned to her Father with honor, having completed her mission on this earth. 
She will not be forgotten.
I love you JaKelle...until we meet again!

See some of her impact here:


  1. my prayers have been answered for a daughter that needed to have God touch her heart if only for a moment.......I love you and I love your post MOM

  2. You said it all! Your post was amazing!!! Thanks so much for all you did for us! You guys were a big support! I know I will never be the same. She has touched so many hearts, and has forever left her footprints on them! Thanks for sharing!