Did you know I have an adopted brother?

Richard's youngest brother Christopher came from Oklahoma to visit us in 2010. He was fresh out of high school and trying to decide what to do with his life. We were just about to move back to San Diego from St. George and convinced him to come with us. 
Christopher was so much fun to have around. I taught him how to cook and drive and how to check out girls at the beach with out being a creeper. We went to the hot tub every night to talk about all kinds of deep intellectual things.We became really close and helped make life bearable for me. He also became close with my mom when she came to visit a couple of time. Mom loves him like its her own son!

Christopher stayed with us for about 6 months before he decided that he wanted to join the military. {Lets be honest and say it was my idea cause it was!} 
When he joined the ARMY, he found out there was going to be about 6 months before he would leave, so he stayed with us all the way until we moved away. Christopher stayed in San Diego,worked long hours at McDonalds close to our house and worked out like a beast to get prepared. That boy was ready to go!
He left for boot camp in February and graduated last week!

I could not be more proud than if it was me graduating from boot camp!
Seriously the best decision of his life. He has a full time job, full benefits, college paid for.. what could be better?
Christopher got his order to be stationed in Korea! HELLO! That's some serious stuff!

So I couldn't go out to Georgia for his graduation, but he was in San Diego for a couple of weeks before he left the states. My mom and I went over for a quick trip to spend some quality time before he leaves.

Photo: Just a quick trip to see our soldier before he ships off to Korea http://instagr.am/p/MPua1Lpu_s/
Mom and I made him a fleece blanket to take with him... you know... a little piece of home to keep with him.
We got to spend time at the beach and go to Old Town and see a movie. 

So proud of my little brother!
Please keep him and our other troops in your prayers as they protect our country!

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