Desert Hills High Class of...

I may or may not be a YITTLE YINY BIT behind in my blogging... so what if I am?
 That's none of your business! So here is what you might have missed out in my life...

SOOOO... my little baby sister graduated from HIGH SCHOOL!
Excuse me! She's 5... how did that happen?
I'm not even going to mention how old that makes me, bleh.
Photo: Congrats grad!
Isn't she a beaut?

Her frackin school decided to have the graduation on a TUESDAY! Hello! There are normal people in the world that work for a living and CANNOT take 3 days off to attend a graduation in the frackin middle of the week!
So we missed the graduation of death but headed down to St.G that weekend to throw her an AWESOME party... you know how we like to do it up real nice.

I would tell you all about it, but I don't feel like it... so go check out all the details HERE on my other sister's blog. She is way more entertaining than me anyway.
  We are amazing BTW! And our parties are awesome! Only the best for our 5 year old Doogie Houser sister graduating High School.

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