Love Love

We first saw a preview for "The Vow" on the opening day of Breaking Dawn... Melissa and I were IMMEDIATELY IN LOVE!

Not only have we LOVED Channing Tatum forever, but Rachel McAdams is our all time fave {who ever has seen Mean Girls and the Notebook and not loved her?}
The movie... swoon!
We have been counting down the days and minutes until it was released.
{lets be honest and say Chris was more excited then we were!}

So, this last weekend was the weekend... love love love!
Since its a romantic movie, I invited my mom to be my date and we went with Chris and Melis.
We wanted to do something special and not just wait in line super early and be crammed into a theater. 
Melis found a theater in Scottsdale that had reserved seating and a grill to order food!

(lovin the phone camera in a dark theater)
Fun experience and great movie!
It wasn't as sappy and lovey as we would have liked... and didn't end as expected... but we still loved it!
Highly recommended... go see it... NOW!

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  1. Thanks to your review, I drug Mitch to see this with me for my birthday and I love loved it too!!