Oscar NMW

I have been super over the top Oscar the Grouch lately, no one knows why... do you?

Heneyway, I was laying in my bed sulking last night and thinking about how annoyed I am at the world and I decided to put on my lime green tee shirt and paint my nails green

just cause I'm such a green grouch

Then I decided that I don't love that new sea foam green color that I bought at Target for $1 cause it looks like my fingernails are moldy...
So i took it off, put on a purple tee shirt and painted my nails  the lilac $1 polish from Target...

Much more happy and not so Grouchy... unfortunately I could not find any paint for happying up my mood, so I am still a Grouch, just with purple nails.

(p.s. why I felt the need to change my shirt to match my nails, I have no idea)

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