Another Day

How boring is my life lately?
Nothing is going on, and I don't even have any clever stories to write... my sister Melissa can make any story sound funny and amazing, and I wish I was her cause her blog is hilarious, check it out.
This week with no pictures: I went to the beach on Coronado for Memorial day, beautiful!
On Tuesday I ran out of gas on the side of the road... again... apparently the gage is broken and then stopped by my friend Aaron's b-day party
Thursday I went on a field trip with the 8th graders to Knott's Berry Farm... super fun, but 13 hours is too long of a day in the sun and on a bus for 4 hours round trip with 150 teenagers. 

Anyway, today I stopped by the swap meet for a bit, that was a bust... by the time I got there it was all just people junk left over and a roach coach, no thank you...
Then I came home and floated around in the pool while I did my laundry... got sunburned... then decided I wanted to gain 5 pounds so I made some OREO BALLS...

If you haven't had these then your life is not complete... basically its just chocolate, oreos and cream cheese... AMAZE!
 I don't know what blog I got this recipe from, but its good so,

Here's the recipe... print it and make them and you can die happy

Hope your life is more exciting than mine... come visit me so we can take pictures and post them!

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