Happy Monday-
I was awoken (14 minutes before my alarm was going to go off, which by the way is before 6 am) by barking... and not happy barking but annoying get out of my face barking...jkfd;lasdkflkj!

I woke up to find that puppy went crazy during the 6 hours that I was sleeping. Literally every toy he owns were strewn around my bed room along with his empty, overturned, abused food and water bowls. There were ripped up tissues and over turned rugs and empty DDP bottles (from the recycle bin) and Im pretty sure a kitchen sink...

Who knew what happened or why he went crazy. I should have taken a picture but I was too pissed and half asleep (I may or may not have taken a sleeping pill last night... Ill never tell!) As soon as I tore myself out of bed, Kobe slunk under the bed right to the very middle where I cant reach him... oh he knows the wrath... I went in the bathroom and did not talk to him the rest of the morning.

When I was leaving he tried to come apologize (climb up my leg and lick my knee with that oh so cute puppy look) and I went straight out the door without any acknowledgement. Happy surprise when I turn on my car and some incoherent trashy CD was blaring right into my groggy ears, woke me right up and pissed me right off... Note to self, dont let boys drive car ever again...

 And now Im feeling guilty about Kobe sitting home all alone thinking Im still mad at him... which I am, but I feel guilty about it...

Oh Monday, I hate you.

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