yet again...

Let me just start by saying that customer service in this country is a DISGRACE!!
I know because Ive worked in a million customer service jobs, and I was a DISGRACE, I always got into trouble for being mean to customers.... and really its because people think they can be rude and you HAVE to be nice back cause 'the customer is always right...' but that is WRONG!
Thats besides the point... any way... here is the LONG story


I hate Wal Mart... I hate going to Wal Mart... the parking lot is always packed, the lines are always ridiculously long, its so huge you have to walk 2 miles to get anything, I cant ever go there without spending a ton of money...and the employees are always trashy and rude, and don't know ANYTHING!

The problem is, you HAVE to go to Wal Mart no matter what... the other day I decided that I am going to go to Albertsons just because I didnt want to deal with Wal Mart... EVERYTHING was a TON more expensive... the normal things I buy all the time at Wal Mart were so much more expensive, half way through I had to leave and go to Wal Mart...I was SO mad 

Prego Sauce- Albs- $3.99... WalMart- $1.99
Paper Towels- Albs- $1.99... WalMart $.89
Milk- Albs- $2.99... WalMart $1.59

The same brands and everything... Wal Mart is like a cult.. you have to go, you cant get away no matter how much you want to... I hate it! 

That was a long way to get to the actual story that I am telling... ok
For Father's Day, I ordered a calendar from Wal Mart.com, paid for it online, got it WAY in advance...    
I PURPOSELY had it shipped directly to the store because it would be faster and get here in plenty of time for father's day... 
I went to the store on Monday to pick it up (we celebrated fathers day on Monday BTW)

Ok, I am not one to cause a scene or be rude unless there is a reason to. The lady at the counter was perfectly nice (totally clueless) called for me and they said that it hadn't even gone in for printing yet. I very politely told her that it was supposed to be ready for pick up last week, she said "Well if you didn't get a call then we don't have it" Duh... the question is WHY DONT YOU HAVE IT!! 
Well there is nothing she can do so WHATEVER, just call me when its here.

They call me TODAY... a week after it was supposed to be done. I went in to pick it up and here is what happened...
Me- " Hi, I need to pick up a calendar I ordered online."
Typical Wal Mart associate- "We didnt get an order today"
Me- "They called and told me it was ready, it was supposed to be here a week ago."
Associate- "well there is nothing in the drawer."
Me- "ummm, can you look in the drawer, why would they call me if it wasnt here?"
Associate- " ok, whats the name..."
(lady looks through drawer, pulls out an envelope, another person approaches and asks her where a camera is, lady sets down the envelope and walks away to help the other lady...)
Me- PISSED!! but surprisingly not rude " excuse me, can you please find my calendar..." as the lady is walking away
Associate- " its over there on the counter" continues to walk away

I was already MAD about the calendar, then mad that I had to go to Wal Mart again, then PISSED that the lady was ignorant and rude... So I go find a manager... of course on the other side of the store 2 miles away... tell him what happened... without apologizing or anything, gets out his walkie talkie and asked someone else to meet me in photo. So I walk ALL THE WAY back to photo, wait 5 minutes for this other guy to get there...

Guy- "did you need help with something?"
Me- "yes..." tell him the story...
Guy- "ok, just a second..."
Guy gets on the phone, writes something down and hands it to me...
Guy- "ok you will get a full refund for your calendar in 2-3 business days" 
hands me the calendar and walks away...

I am stunned and dazed and annoyed and angry... I want to just storm out of the store and never return... alas on my 2 mile hike back out of the store, I pick up a few things that I need and wait in line for 20 minutes...

STUPID WAL MART... its like a disease...


  1. Oh Kimmie, you make me laugh. But your story is very true. They are the cheapest so they assume they can get by with their crappy personnel...and they do. I hate it too.

  2. Oh my gosh! I feel the exact same way! I hate walmart so bad! Especially the photo department! There is one guy in there that is on my sh*t list. I am so rude to him everytime I go in there.

  3. I am so with you we should go to the top and take them down!!

  4. i share your disdain for them. i know they are so much cheaper, but i don't even set foot in the store, so i have no idea how much cheaper they really are. i would be tempted to shop there if i knew. i cannot deal with them.