Keep on Truckin

We're still alive! Not much has been going on with us... hence no interesting blog posts. My family was here for the annual conner family reunion which was AMAZING... I am always depressed for a couple of weeks after something fun passes... back to normal boring life.
Did I mention that I got layed off from my job last month?... hence the constant boredom... 
It's funny that when you're working full time, you just cannot wait for the weekend or a vacation so you can just do nothing... but when you can just do nothing, you're wishing you were working cause you don't know what to do with yourself
Well finally the stars aligned and I started working again this week (thank you papa!) so now maybe we can get back to buying groceries and paying bills without too much boredom.
I decided that we need rich friends who have a boat or jet skis so that we have fun stuff to do on the weekends...
Hey, if you're thinking of moving somewhere... MOVE TO ST GEORGE and be my friend! Especially if you have a boat thank you!

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