St.Georgin' it

Since we have been in St. George, we are constantly trying to find new fun things to do.
In Washington, we got in the habit of going to the movies... A lot... mostly because it was SO
rainy all the time... what else are you gonna do?
Anyway, we are trying to get out of that habit here in Utah.
Our new hobby is sports... now I am NOT in any way an athlete, but my husband lacks male
company since he moved away from his brothers, so I try to accommodate...
Last weekend, we bought a football and tried that out for a while...
Our new favorite is going to the batting cages... I was surprised that I didn't get hit by the balls and I actually 
hit some!

Then last night we hit up the St. George rodeo... it was just bull riding, but fun anyway!

The best part was little kid bull riding... seriously like 8 year olds on miniature bulls (seriously like miniature horses... who knew?)! It was adorable once you get past the initial terror of children getting stepped on by ginormous animals...

It was really hot with the sun right in our face for a while... Richard was really happy about that...haha!

Papa came out with us, complete with his Stetson! Love that!!

So, if you live in St. George, we need more ideas... what do you do for fun?


  1. ya'll should take up rock climbing or hiking you live in a great place for it....or cave exploring...Disc Golf is way funner then it sounds there are probably courses around you

  2. HAPPY substitute BDAY....and day before BDAY!!!