One year older and wiser too

Birthday's are so anti-climatic... I remember how exciting birthdays use to be... we would count down the days for at least a month before... it was like Christmas... anticipation, planning, parties, presents!! We had a rule that the week of your birthday, you got to get the mail every day... SO FUN!!

Things are a lot different now... cause I'M OLD!! Not so exciting, I almost wish my birthday didn't come each year. This year was REALLY different. We are in a new place and don't know anyone really... and then my dad leaves for the weekend to be with his favorite child... 

I don't want to throw a party for myself, or even ask people to hang out with me on my birthday cause I feel pathetic. Richard doesn't celebrate birthdays. His family just never did, so he is weirded out by the fact that my family makes such a big deal... Poor guy... And its not like I am high maintenance and need a lot, just  an enjoyable day where I can do whatever I want...

I did get the mail each day last week... and my excitement began to grow as packages and cards came in the mail... presents are my favorite part!

SO, i was BEYOND excited when I got my birthday package from my sister Melissa. I was instructed to open it the day before my birthday. I opened it, and inside there was a paper for my "birthday in a box!"
Melissa and I have the same idea on what the perfect day is... and she would be the perfect person to hang out with me on my birthday. Since she couldn't be here... she made a way for me to have the day that I love!! So I cried a little and then got started right away! There were numbered items, and I had the instructions like 'take out item number one (which was a burned cd) download songs onto your ipod for your birthday play list... play the cd every time you are in the car on your birthday'
I had to take a picture each step along the way... like a birthday scavenger hunt... so here is how the day went

"Sleep in as late as you want! Dont answer the phone or text messages until YOU are ready to get up... right when you wake up, take your best "Im happy Im 27" pic"
(Im so lucky that my husband still loves me after he sees me in the morning...)

The bad thing is, the day before Richard gave me the work out DVD's from Jillian Michaels... I did the work out and COULD not even MOVE when I woke up on my birthday... ever muscle in my body hurt... great way to start out the day. Shortly after, Richard brought me breakfast in bed (which for him is a big deal, and he doesn't really understand the concept, but the bowl of cereal he brought was great! haha)

The next envelope had 2 'sonic dollars' in it... I was instructed to get a LARGE LEMON BERRY slush and head to the pool with my Party Mix!!...

So, we had planned to meet my cousins Bria and Craig at my uncle's pool. They live in a beautiful gated community with an amazing pool... we got there and it was all decorated for a wedding reception or something... a lot of people and NO lounge chairs for us... We hung out there for a while and then decided to head over to the pool at our apartments. That pool was worse! A little kids pool party with at least 20 kids under the age of 10... not at all relaxing...

 I was so happy that Richard stayed with me by the pool. He hates laying out and even swimming, so it was a great treat for him to spend time doing things that I love to do! Thanks babe! Anyway, I tried to lay out and read my magazine, but I kept getting splashed and got pretty annoyed... and gave up on the birthday laying out by the pool idea...

I headed inside to take a nap. The next step was getting ready.. The package had nail polish and a new RING  inside! So cute (his name is Axel by the way) My assignment was to take a creative ANTM inspired pose...

No birthday is complete without Chili's. The next envelope included Chili's bucks! My fave!! We met Craig and Bria (and their cute baby Krew) at Chili's. I had my usual birthday meal of Fajitas and chips and queso... SO YUMMY! Bria totally sold me out and brought a birthday balloon, but luckily the waiter just brought us a dessert and didn't sing... (so over that in my old age)

The next items were my favorite Rainbow chip cake and frosting! Bria made me an amazing rainbow cake, so we are saving those items for Scottee's bday, but perfect idea... I forgot to take a pic of the cake... whoops! It was really nice to hang out in Bria's backyard to allow our food to digest, perfect birthday weather by the way.

To top off the day, there was a bag of SPK's and Redbox money... we decided to upgrade and head to the movies. Robin Hood was our original plan but it was pretty much sold out... we saw the Loser's (pretty good, but you should wait to rent it) and enjoyed our snacks....

My last assignment was to get in my comfies and take a pic vegging out... one of my most favorite activities!

Now that I am 27 I am realizing that I really enjoy the simple things in life. I love just being with my family and enjoying good food and good company. I don't need a big party.
 I am SO grateful that Melissa found a way to make my day perfect, with all the little things that I love. I also got soooo many wonderful presents, cards, and love from Facebook. I got everything that I asked for!

Thanks everyone for a great day, and here's to a WONDERFUL year of being 27!

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  1. Wow what a great sister you have! he he ha ha. Glad you enjoyed your birthday! And those nails I see up there are not blue!!! Love you!