Get A Room!!

Sorry if I offend anyone, and mostly cause I'm not a parent yet, some of you may be thinking 'just wait until its her...' BUT I am not a parent yet, so I have a right to my pet peeves...
Here we go... maybe its because I'm in Utah, but lately I have been noticing everywhere babies... I love babies, I love watching moms with new babies and looking at their cute outfits and headbands, etc.
 I HATE however, breast feeding! Its awkward and uncomfortable... I feel like breast feeding is something that should be private. I understand that babies need to eat when they need to eat... but there ARE options... pump some bottles in advance...go to a bathroom, go to your car, go to another room... ANYWHERE else but just right where you are...

Here is why, we were at the Rodeo recently, on bleachers of sorts... there was this lady just to the side of us with a totally cute baby... 6 weeks old... love love love... 
So the mom was wearing a rather tight fitting T shirt... and the baby was crying... and so she just PULLS UP HER SHIRT and just GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS!!! 
Not only was she at the RODEO with thousands of people around, but she was also wearing a tight shirt so when she pulled it up, the entire back went up to... its like her shirt was completely around her neck... SO INAPPROPRIATE... guys were just staring... and she was totally just chillin...

Then, I'm at church and this lady sitting in the hall has one of those baby cover nursing thing around her neck which is a favorable option, but then she just flips the thing over and gets all situated... purely pornography! The lady that was sitting there talking to her immediately got uncomfortable and didn't know where to look...
I know its natural and beautiful and all part of motherhood, but it makes me uncomfortable and I hate it!!

Just so you know... that is on my list of pet peeves and if you're doing that stuff in public, please be respectful of people around you, just cause you're not uncomfortable with it, other people are! 
Just cover yourself up and GET A ROOM!!

Ok... don't leave a bunch of mean comments... I'm done ranting now...


  1. Oh I am leaving a bunch of comments...

    I agree with you in the fact that BOTH of those situations where awful and akward for sure. What bother me is a mom taking her itty bitty baby to a rodeo...seriously that place is dirty way to dirty for a new born. all those dirty people and germs and gross.

    I will say just wait till you have your own...not because you will become a public nurser (I am not one...unless there is no other option) I say wait until you have one and are in teh mother's lounge at church with 5 other ladies nursing...AHHHHHH I hate that even more!

  2. I agree.....I usually took a bottle for when I was out and about...and I nursed in a lot of dressing rooms

  3. Couldn't agree more Kimmie! When I had to nurse E, I ALWAYS made sure we were in a private place. Even in the nursing lounge at church I used a blanket (PS - I was the only one). I think it's a MODESTY issue and it drives me insane that women in the church, especially, don't try to be more modest when breastfeeding. And sadly, it will only get worse...I've seen women breastfeeding in sacrament meeting, teaching YW lessons and during church presidency meetings. It's out of control.

  4. Agree some. Disagree some. The end.
    PS- happy belated bday!!! *B

  5. That is one reason I was kind of happy that Reef had to have soy milk... I never had to worry about showing my tata's to the whole world! haha.. I do understand your pet peeve, but having sisters who breast feed, I understand that when your baby is hungry, they are hungry and they want food right away.. BUT my sisters also use a "hooter hider" or a blanket! haha anyway.. that is all!