Sometimes it happens

I got new nail polish. Its called 'gun metal' and I am super excited about it.
I took my precious doing the first coat to make sure it was perfect.

Five minutes later, Kobe attacked my hands {he hates, like to the point of growling, the smell of nail polish}messed up 4 of the nails... ticked.

So I go to take it off and redo those 4 nails. I get the nail polish remover and some cotton balls. Of course the cotton balls get stuck into 3 or my non dry remaining perfectly painted nails. I try and try and try to get that nail polish off, but its just not happening. I try soaking them in the remover and nothing, not a dent. Why is the remover just not working? This polish must be industrial strength or something...

By this time I am super annoyed at the whole process. I google alternatives to getting nail polish off, find nothing, so I just start picking at the polish of my 7 ruined nails.
I get up and go into the bathroom to find a nail file and instead I find the nail polish remover... that's strange, I didnt know that I had two bottles.

Come to find out, I was actually trying for a good thirty minutes to remove my polish with hydrogen peroxide. Blonde moment and I have never been blonde. The most pointless hour of my life thus far.

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