Monday Rants

Blogging doesnt count as media does it?
My church is doing a media fast this week to get ready for General Conference.
We are supposed to go the whole week without TV and Internet and Music and Texting.. Im dying and its only been 24 hours! So I decided that blogging doesnt count.

It's Monday and I hate it. So here is what is annoying me today:

1. When you buy sparkly nail polish cause the picture looks like its saturated, but in fact its like clear with sparkle flakes... stupid

Exhibit A- this is annoying

Exhibit B- this is what I was going for

2. Annoying people outside stores. I hate when I'm walking up to a store {It was Target today} and some guy with a clip board asks me if Im a registered voter... none of your business, I just want to go into Target... if youre cute and you have cookies in your hand, feel free to sell me some...otherwise leave me alone!

3. People that are lazy and expect everyone to cater to them. Example- in June we started telling parents that their kids had to have a whooping cough shot before they could come to school in the fall. Fall came around, 200 students showed up without the shot. We gave them a 30 day extension... go get the shot. Today 20 parents calling and yelling at me cause they have 4 days to get the shot and their doctor doesnt have an open appointment... not my fault, and not my problem. "but my kids gonna get kicked out of school and I dont have day care!" well you should have gotten the shot 4 months ago when I told you to in the first place. Take some responsibility people!

4. When its 60 degrees in the morning and over cast, so I wear a {light} sweater and boots, then by noon its sunny and 80 degrees... seriously people make up your mind!

5. When job descriptions dont tell you how much they pay. Its annoying and why does it have to be a secret? Obviously I dont want to take the time to apply for a job that doesnt pay enough for me to live off of.

6. Everything pumpkin flavored. The second fall rolls around its pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies and pumpkin rolls, etc. I dont like pumpkin stuff, so please lets include some chocolate flavored recipes. Thanks
7. Having to wait until THURSDAY to see my sisters, my mom and MY NIECES! Longest week of my life... why cant I just call in sick the rest of the week and take off to Arizona today?

Why does every Monday suck?

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  1. gold nails are sooo fun! not sure how they'd look on my white beyond white skin, but i might just have to give them a try! (PS-Want to win a pair of shoes of your choice? Enter today on my blog: www.rubygirlblog.com)