As some of you may know, my older sistie Christie is due any moment to give me a SECOND NIECE!
I am extatic mostly cause my FIRST NIECE Lucy is the most precious thing of my life...
So being the nice sister that I am, took a quick treck to Mesa AZ to help her prepare for baby button.

These were the items on my agenda for the week in Arizona:
- help prepare Nursery
- play with Lucy... a lot!
- wait on Christie hand and foot so she doesnt have to do anything (no pregnant woman ever should)
- help Melissa paint house
- Spend time shopping and shooting the breeze with my two sisties!
- baby crafties
- Oh yah, and witness the miracle of birth (not personally {no thank you} but baby sitting Lucy while the Christie was in the hospital)

Everything was checked off that list except the last one... and Im super ticked about it!

How am I gonna be there for a week and she just didnt have her?
I am still waiting patiently for baby button to be born {and for them to decide on a name already!}
Here are some quick pics from the week...

Super amazing shirts I made for the babies! Im obsessed with them... just printed off the computer and ironed those guys right on!

Those of you that know Christie know that she is terrified of dogs... always has been... Melissa and I both have precious puppies... here is proof that Christie was too miserable and pregnant to even care that both puppies love her and were snuggled up right next to her! Score!

This picture is disgusting, but Melissa and I finally found The Coffee Shop. Famous cupcakes that won Cupcake Wars... super cute place... super yummy cupcakes!

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