Ah-Maze-Ing Weekend!

I need to build a Charlie-and-the-Chocolate-Factory-type-transportation-elevator-thing between my house and Gilbert/Mesa Arizona... I just want to be there all the time. Alas, I have a job and home and what not here in stupid San Diego, so Im stuck for the time being...

Whelp, the time FINALLY came for my big sister Christie to be induced and bring us that precious gift from Heaven. Melissa and I were a yittle on edge cause we planned a birthday slash baby party for Christies 30th b-day on the 16th. Her due date was the 19th, then the 9th so we thought either way we'd be fine... wrongo!

She went to be induced on the 14th... they sent her away [hospital too full] So on the 15th, we waited patiently for the hospital to call... they finally did at 10 am... so we plotted on how she could get to the shower by 2 the next day [so evil... I mean, the lady was in LABOR!]

Christie didnt end up even birthing until the morning of her 30th birthday... July 16th at 6:36 AM baby Lydia Jane Lott was born!

{might I just add that I am the one that suggested the name Lydia? I win!}

The little chub!

Im calling her 'Diddy'

This pic makes me tear up every time... Lucy LOVE her baby sistie... they're gonna be great friends!
Also, Lucy was born on my birthday and Lydia was born on Christies birthday... so mark you calendars for Melissa's bday, March 20th 2013 for Christies next bundle!

Phase 2 is deciding what to do about the shower/birthday... Melissa and I are die hard theme party throwers, and had been planning every detail of this party for ages... we were not about to let this slip away from us... AND Christie wanted a party, so who am I to deprive her?

24 hours after giving birth our 'Welcome Baby Cakes' party was on!
Go over to my sister Melissa's blog to check out all the details... Im in love!

How cute is her house?

Aunties with our babies... I mean, Christies babies... whops!

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