Week In Review

I had SUCH a busy WEEK!! Yay! I'm was so happy to take the drive down to Vegas
last Sunday to pick up two of my favorite sisters... (missed you ChrisTuck!)
But I woke up that morning with a NASTY eye infection/ black eye... yuck!
I was just PRAYING that it would clear up before wednesday, which it did...

Besides that, Scottee and I were SUPER excited to get Melissa and Kailey, stop by Jamba in Vegas
then get back up to St. George! I LOVE having my siblings around, mostly because Scottee becomes his alter ego- Stanley- and everything is just super hilarious. Scottee and Kailey caught massive amounts of scorpions at my dad's house, and created  scorpion cage fighting...

We got a couple of days to lay out at the pool. Beautiful weather! Of course, Kailey got super tan, Scottee got super burned, and Melissa and I stayed white...

So the main reason Melissa came up was for the County Fair. Melissa and I bought a booth at the fair to sell our Sassy Pose stuff! It was SUCH a long week... 11 hours a day for 3 days. Hot and dirty, but super fun and super worth it! Im not sure we will do it again, but it was a good experience.

I LOVED having a ton of quality time with Melissa. We got to catch up on all of our gossip and have some heart to hearts... much needed since we live in different states. Kailey and Scottee (even my dad and Lisa) got in on the action and took turns manning the booth. We made friends with our booth neighbors and got our glitter toes done...

What a great week! I hate when its over and I have to go back to life without my siblings. Scottee took off and moved down to Phoenix, so now I am REALLY alone... but I have already started planning for the next get together! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited, or worked, or even bought stuff from our booth... SO FUN!

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