The Devil On My Shoulder

Do you know what this is?

It looks like an innocent bowl full of pretzels... but it is ACTUALLY the devil on my shoulder!
Now, if you remember, we ALL know that I have a pretzel addiction problem. I have tried time and time again to STOP buying Cheezit Party Mix, and Gardettos... so I decided to just buy plain (low fat) pretzels.
This has helped me keep them around longer than 2 days.
That was UNTIL I found this recipe. RANCH PRETZELS!! 
Oh, Joy of my life... I am addicted and will eat an ENTIRE bag in one sitting. 
I have been trying to portion so it will last a whole week... but that goal is not really working.

Anyway, If you love Ranch, you have to try this recipe! Its SOOOO easy and SOOO delicious.
WARNING: you may become addicted!

Buy a Bag of pretzles... whichever kind you'd like
You will also need a pack of dry Ranch seasoning mix (found on the salad dressing isle)
1/2 cup of oil
sprinkle of onion salt

Pour the pretzels into a large bowl
Stir in the oil so that all the pretzels are coated (so the mix will stick)
Slowly stir in the seasoning mix 
sprinkle with onion salt
AND TA DA!! You are ready to enjoy!

I keep mine in a bowl with a lid so that I can shake them up occasionally when the mix settles on the bottom.

Let me just tell you in advance... you're welcome!

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